ISC Portugal


In accordance with accounting and fiscal rules, we propose, among others, the following services:

  • Bookkeeping services according to the S.N.C. principles
  • Complete outsourcing of your accounting
  • Preparation of annual or intermediate financial statements
  • Invoice making and its communication to Tax Authorities (via SAFT)
  • Planning, handling and delivery of all necessary fiscal obligations
  • Planning, handling and delivery of all statements
  • Assistance in case of fiscal audits
  • Setting up of consolidated accounts
  • Report according to International Financial Rules
  • Financial anaylsis (investment projects, financing…)


Beyond everything else, it´s important to ask what´s the purpose of accounting?

To protect you regarding fiscal and social administrations?

This is one element, but far from the truth!

Accounting is used for many other things: monitoring of the status of your company, management of your activity through business related indicators, evaluation of your company profitablity through results reports, as to control your costs, determine an adequate selling price, adapt to competition… alas, accounting is paramount for the optimal management of your company.

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